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Katie Kim, winner of “K-Pop Star 4” is currently receiving attention for the change in her physical appearance after signing with YG Entertainment.

On the recent filming of SBS’s talent competition “K-Pop Star 5,” contestants from the previous seasons Katie Kim, Park Ji Min, Jung Seung Hwan and Lee Jin Ah made a surprise appearance and greeted the viewers. Moreover, the previous contestants have shared about their experiences after joining the show.

However, what made the viewers surprised on Katie Kim’s appearance was her weight loss. It is known that when the singer won the show she went on to join YG Entertainment in the past seven months.


When she was asked regarding her weight loss, she reveals, “My agency told me that I should go on a diet.” The singer further reveals that she has lost 10 kilograms by going on a balanced diet as well as working out.

MC Jeon Hyun Moo then asked Katie Kim, “YG has the best cafeteria food, right?” She then responds, “YG has delicious food, however I could not eat it due to my diet.” Showing the singer’s commitment to her new diet and workout routine.


Meanwhile, the show “K-Pop Star 5” is set to premiere on November 22.


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