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Actor Kang Dong Won revealed to be possibly joining YG Entertainment.

Several entertainment representatives have allegedly revealed on January 7 that Kang Dong Won was about to sign an exclusive contract with management agency YG Entertainment.

The actor’s contract with former management agency UAA have expired since November of 2015. It has been said that top agencies such as FNC Entertainment have reached out to Kang Dong Won to get him to sign with their agency.

One representative reveals, “Kang Dong Won has thought of a stand-alone management just like a one-person agency, however, in order to have secure acting promotions, he decided to receive the support of a management agency. He plans to have a contract after he thoroughly thinks details such as contract payment as well as length of time.”

If he would be signing with YG Entertainment, he would be further boosting the agency’s rapidly growing acting community. He would then be joining actors Cha Seung Won and Choi Ji Woon on the agency.

Another representative also reveals, “On top of Kang Dong Won, YG Entertainment plans to enlist actors.”

The actor is known for his roles on the films, “The Priests,” “My Brilliant Life,” “Kundo: Age of the Rampant,” and “Secret Reunion.”

Meanwhile, the actor would be appearing on the upcoming films, “A Violent Prosecutor,” “Master” and “Veiled Time.”


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