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On the recent broadcast of tvN’s “Taxi,” former After School leader Kahi and solo singer Navi appeared as special guests on the show’s “Spring Lovers” special.

On the talk show, Kahi was asked as to why she decided to leave After School back in 2012. She then responds, After School started out as a five member group. However, as the members increased, some of the original members started to be disappointed.”

Kahi also continues, “Despite the ongoing conflict, the company did not listen to me. I always tend to teach the new members when they came in. However, they would just go on broadcasts and call me scary. I had no one by my side. I am a woman as well, and a part of the company. That is the reason why I have decided to leave.”

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She also reveals, “I previously said on broadcast that there was an outside in the group. That outsider was actually me. That is how it really was.”

Kahi then says, “I did not want to act like friends with the members. I wanted to do my role as the leader correctly.”

Meanwhile, following her leave in 2012, she pursued a solo career in singing and acting. In 2013, she made her solo debut with the track, “Who Are You?” In the following year, she took the lead role in the musical, “Bonnie & Clyde.” In 2016, she then became the dance trainer for the female trainees in “Produce 101.”


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