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Do you have personal ghost stories? Some K-Pop idols do!

Read on below for ghost stories that some K-Pop idols share!


Girl’s Day’s Minah

MinahMinah revealed, “I woke up at 6 am and was showing when someone tried to open the door. I thought that it was one of the other members, so I called out, however there was no indication of someone being there. Then, I heard again that someone was hitting the door hard. I gathered my courage and opened the door, but no one was there.”

Boyfriend’s Donghyun

donghyunOne night, Donghyun was suffocated by the black ghost, his mom heard the noise and went into his room. The moment his mom entered, the ghost disappeared. Donghyun felt relieved, however just when his mom left his room, he saw the black ghost behind his mom, staring at him.

T-ARA’s Jiyeon

JiyeonJiyeon revealed, “We moved out of our dorm when we saw a ghost there. A day before T-ara’s debut, I felt that something was pressing down on my body while I was sleeping. I tried my best to break out from the paralysis state. Then, I went to Soyeon unnie and she told me that she encountered that same ghost at the exact spot where I have seen it.”

A Pink

A Pink

The A Pink members revealed that there is a ghost in Namjoo’s room. Yookyung shared, “I heard a baby cry in Namjoo’s room. I think that there is a baby in her room.” Hayoung then revealed, “I saw the baby.”


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