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JYP Entertainment and upcoming girl group TWICE has been under fire for a school advertisement which encourages students to be skinny.

In the advertisement posted on the front gates of middle and high schools, the phrases such as “Tighten it with this jacket! Corset jacket” and “Make it thinner with this skirt! Shading skirt. Along with a photo of Park Jin Young and the members of TWICE wearing the tight school uniforms which emphasized their hips and chest.

JYP Twice ad

On the homepage of the advertisement, there is also a project called, “JYP’s Thin’derella Project” which encourages students to spread the ad through SNS.

The ad has enraged many teachers, educators and netizens as well. A ‘societal evaluation request’ was then filed stating that, “We do not understand why the students, who are still growing up, need to wear shading skirts to make their legs skinnier as well as corset jackets. The Shading skirts and corsets emphasize the female body, the models in the ad look like bartenders and hostesses who have uniform fetishes.”

Teenagers are already trying to look like girl group members by going through extreme diets which make them underweight,  have weak immune systems and suffer from tuberculosis or anorexia,” it adds.

JYP Entertainment responded to the issue by saying, “We are currently talking with the advertisement company right now. We would be releasing an official statement soon.”

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