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2PM member Junho begs sasaeng fans to stop following him home.

On August 7, the 2PM member took to his Twitter account to address the fans who have recently followed him home.

He writes, “To some of you, please stop following me home. It is not only myself who is having a hard time but as well as the people around me. If this goes on, I would have to leave this home. Are you having fun seeing me in pain and having a hard time? Usually, I try not to write this kind of posts. But, I am finding this to be very tiring. I beg of you. Please!”

“Throughout my career as a singer, I have always thought that everyone who gave me love is my fan. However, I have now started to think about the term ‘sasaeng fans’ that people usually talk about since I have met a few of these individuals who have given me a hard time, as well as the people around me,” Junho adds.

He also writes, “I hope that I would be able to remember all of you in my heart as the fans that I love for as long as I am your singer, your actor and your celebrity. I want all of us to have good manners and cherish and support each other sincerely. I beg of you.”

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Meanwhile, Junho is currently promoting in Japan for his solo mini-album “DSMN.” He would also be having a solo concert tour titled “Hyper” on August 13 and 14 at Sapporo.