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Rumors and speculations of M.I.B disbanding and member Kangnam leaving the hip hop boy group has recently surfaced.

In light of the rumors of disbandment, the group’s management agency Jungle Entertainment has released a statement.

A representative of the agency has revealed to media outlet MBN Star, “It is flustering that rumors of M.I.B disbanding and Kangnam leaving M.I.B are growing. There is no disbandment.”

The representative further adds, “In March 2014, M.I.B have finished their promotions and Kangnam has recently released ‘Chocolate’ and he is currently focusing on his individual activities, however there is no disbandment that is going to happen.”

Not only did the agency address the disbandment rumors, they also revealed that the group would be making their comeback soon. “M.I.B is preparing for an album. It is scheduled to be released at the end of the year or early next year,” the representative adds.

M.I.B debuted in 2011 with their debut song “G.D.M.” (Girls, Dream, Money). Their latest release was their second studio album, “The Maginot Line” with the lead track “Chisa Bounce.”

Meanwhile, member Kangnam has gained attention for his appearance on variety shows, most especially on an episode of MBC’s “I Live Alone,” where he revealed that he only had $3 on his bank account. Since then, he has appeared on more variety shows and had more CFs.

As Kangnam had been busy with his individual activities, fans might have thought that he has left the group and that M.I.B has disbanded already.


Stay tuned for more updates on M.I.B’s comeback!