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Actor Jung Woo Sung updates his fans on his fraud case and new project.

Previously, Jung Woo Sung was reported to be one of the victims of a fraud case. He had invested a sum of money with a famous broadcast writer, but has suffered financial losses due to fraud.

On his official Facebook account, he writes, “It is okay. It was an unfortunate incident. However, I have overcome it. I am okay. I am working hard on my career and doing well.”

Jung Woo Sung also goes to reveal his next project by saying, “I arrived at the film location in order to film for an upcoming film, ‘The King.’ I came to my room to say hello to all of you first.”

He also reveals, “I have opened my Facebook page to be able get close to all of you and communicate with you more. However, I am not sure if I am doing a good job. I would like to keep you guys up to date with what I am doing, however, I could not take photos on location while I am filming due to certain restrictions, which is why I could not post often.”

Jung Woo Sung then says, “I would do my best to think of other ways to communicate with you and try to do better. I would also update you. I am always thankful for you encouragement.”

Meanwhile, Jung Woo Sung is known for his roles on the films, “Don’t Forget Me,” “Scarlet Innocence” and “The Divine Move.”

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