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Actor Jung Gyu Woon revealed to have suffered injuries on both of his arms during filming of “Real Men”.

A representative from Jung Gyu Woon’s agency Fantagio has revealed that the actor had suffered injuries during the recent filming of Taekwondo training for the MBC variety show, “Real Men”.

“He received surgery two days ago for his left arm which was broken, and he is wearing a cast at his right arm because of a fracture on his bone. He is currently recovering at the hospital right now,” his agency further reveals.


It has also been revealed that the actor has sustained the fracture on his right arm while breaking tiles, while his left arm suffered injury after a sparring session with fellow cast member Julien Kang.

The doctor of Jung Gyu Woon has advised him to put a halt to his activities for about three months on order for him to focus on his recovery. It has also been said that the actor has been advised to avoid doing exercises for the next six months by his doctor.

The agency representative has also revealed that they would be meeting with the producers of “Real Men” next week in order to figure out Jung Gyu Woon’s future activities.

Jung Gyu Woo has been known for his roles on Korean dramas such as “History of a Salaryman”, “Wonderful Mama” and “Birth of a Beauty”.

Meanwhile, Jung Gyu Woon plans to take a break from all of his activities in the mean time.

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