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DIA and IOI member Chaeyeon talked about her title as the ‘2nd generation Suzy and revealed her role models in singing and acting.

On Chaeyeon’s recent interview and photo shoot with International bnt, she revealed, “I really feel honored to be given that title. I think that it is because I have that fresh look which Suzy had when she debuted.”

When asked about her popularity after appearing on Mnet’s survival show, “Produce 101,” Chayeon explained, “Things are so different right now. Even if I cover up, people would still recognize me.”

The idol was then asked as to what her strengths are, to which she answered, “Positivity, energetic, power, and perseverance. I never give up.”

When asked about her role model, Chayeon revealed, “As a singer, I would like to be in a legendary group like S.E.S. As an actor, I pick Jeon Do Yeon and Suzy.”

She further explained, “Back in middle school, we were asked to write down our role model. I wrote Jeon Do Yeon then. I wanted to become an actress and even dreamt of becoming a Queen of Cannes. I also wanted to become talented in multiple areas just like Suzy.”

Meanwhile, aside from her promotions with DIA and the project group IOI, Chaeyeon is also known for appearing on the tvN drama, “Drinking Solo” and the Naver web drama, “Sweet Temptation.”


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