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Female ballad singer Joo talks about her long hiatus and her contract with JYP Entertainment.

The female singer has recently released a new track “Cry and Blow,” after her five years of hiatus. Her last album was “Heartmade” released in January of 2011. She was previously under JYP Entertainment since her debut in 2008, however, she was not able to promote well as she has suffered from stage fright. After having two albums during her seven-year contract with JYP Entertainment, she joined Woollim Entertainment in April of 2015.

In a recent interview, the singer reveals, “Back then, I could not release music or sell out. However, I would probably continue to have these kind of concerns as long as I do music.”

Joo also talks about her feelings about leaving her former management agency, “JYP Entertainment feels like my home. I spent a lot of time there struggling alone. I wanted to sing but things would not go right and I was lonely. However, it was there that I first achieved my dream of becoming a singer, which is why I am grateful.”

She also talks about her stage fright, “I had a little during debut however, it was worst during my promotions for ‘Bad Guy,’ three years after my debut. On MBC’s ‘Quiz to Change the World,’ I was performing the song for the first time and I thought of the past three years. I cried and could not sing properly, I felt really guilty. After that I was scared to stand in front of a camera.” She also reveals that singing in musicals along with other actors helped her get over her stage fright.


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