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Actor Jo Jung Suk has nothing but praises for his “Hyung” co-star EXO member D.O.

On a recent interview, Jo Jung Suk revealed his thoughts about working with D.O. He revealed, “The first time that I got to know him was in the film, ‘Kart.’ I thought to myself that he was a pretty great actor when I saw him in the drama, ‘I Remember You.’ Although his appearance on the show was brief, I thought that he played his role as a psychopath really well.”

“I am very glad to be able to work on ‘Hyung’ with him. He is intelligent and absorbs everything just like a sponge. He is able to express a broad range of emotions and he a lot of qualities as an actor. I believe that we were able to work well together to make each scene in the film shine,” Jo Jung Suk also added.

The actor then shared, “D.O is a very kind and great man. Although he looks young and boyish, he is a charming guy with a manly side. He is also a great actor.”

Meanwhile, Jo Jung Suk and D.O will play as brothers in the film, where Jo Jung Suk plays the role of a con artist, while D.O plays the role of a judo athlete.

Aside from the two actors, the film also stars Park Shin Hye, Kim Kang Hyun, Bae Sung Jae and Lee Do Yeon.

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