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Former 4Minute member Jiyoon addresses rumors of bad relationship within the group.

On Jiyoon’s recent interview with Ten Asia, the former 4Minute member revealed if she still keeps in touch with her former co-members.

Jiyoon shared, “The members helped me out a lot in the preparations for my album. When I express my concerns, they would give me practical advice. They knew what I need to do when I ran into trouble since we have promoted together in the past.”

The artist then revealed that their relationship improved despite the group’s disbandment. “We went through a tough time together and our relationship became stronger. We had to tightly come together and we became closer as we shared our pain,” she explained.

With regards to the rumors of conflict within the group, Jiyoon clarified, “It is frustrating. We heard rumors about ourselves through the news and we could not explain everything. It was very upsetting. We wanted to tell everything. However, people just assumed things.”

She added, “We wanted to say that our members are doing well. However, rather than talking about it, I think that it will be better for us to show it through our music or promotions.”

Meanwhile, Jiyoon is set to make her solo debut with the album, “Day AND Night” along with the lead single, “I am the Sun.”

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