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Actor Ji Sung talks about what happened after receiving a Daesang Award (Grand Prize) for the MBC drama “Kill Me, Heal Me.”

On the recent broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV,” Ji Sung sat down for an interview and revealed that he was sick when he received the award.

He reveals, “Actually, I was very sick at that time. I could not even go to the after party.”

He adds, “Once I got home, I rested immediately. When I finally got better after four days, I looked at the trophy and thought, ‘Oh, I received the grand award for four days ago.’ Honestly, I do not remember pretty much.”

Ji Sung 2

Ji Sung also reveals, “When they called my name, I was really grateful and thought, ‘Things like this could even happen to me as well.’”

The interviewer then asked the actor as to what was his most memorable moment, to which Ji Sung responds, “When my daughter was born.”

He jokingly adds, “If I would say the grand award, my wife might not let me in anymore.”

Meanwhile, aside from “Kill Me, Heal Me,” Ji Sung is also known for his roles on the dramas “Secret Love,” “The Great Seer,” and “Protect the Boss.”

He is married to actress Lee Bo Young in 2013 who was also his co-star in the 2007 drama “Save the Last Dance for Me.” In 2015, they had their first child, Kwak Ji Yoo.


Watch his interview below!


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