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Jessica Jung’s new management agency Coridel Entertainment has been revealed to have signed a partnership contract with Chinese media group called NewStyle-Hairun.

Previously, Jessica has been reported to have signed a contract with Coridel Entertainment and has also been reported to be making her Korean comeback by releasing her solo album.

The Chinese media group NewStyle-Hairun is a joint foundation between NewStyle Media and Hairun Media which houses global artists who want to grow internally. The media group is also expected to support Jessica’s future activities in China.

On March 2, Coridel Entertainment CEO Tyler Kwon reveals, “Newstyle-Hairun is expected to help Jessica’s activities in China with her vast knowledge of networks and know-hows.”

A representative of Hairun Media reveals, “I believe that Coridel Entertainment and Jessica would be able to spread various cultural contents in China.”

The CEO of NewStyle Media then reveals, “We have a specific goal in mind to speed up our growing process in the entertainment area in the Chinese market. In this partnership, NewStyle is certain that Jessica would become one of the most famous artists in China.”

Coridel Entertainment then reveal, “We would work on investing on projects which will make Jessica’s passion and effort come to life. Please look forward to Jessica’s future activities.”

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