Home » Jessica’s canceled appearance on SBS’ “Lee Guk Joo’s Youngstreet” causes confusion

Jessica Jung has been scheduled to appear on the SBS PowerFM’s radio show “Lee Guk Joo’s Youngstreet,” but seems to be canceled.

Jessica’s side has revealed, “Her appearance was decided last Wednesday. However, her scheduled appearance was canceled on the weekend. We have not heard the exact reason for the cancellation. Jessica is disappointed since she had been preparing to perform live.”

Later, SBS responds to Jessica’s side by saying, “It was simply a misunderstanding. Both parties have agreed to the cancellation of her appearance.”

SBS then reveals that they have first invited Jo Moon Geun Band as the guest for its Wednesday episode, and have also invited Jessica as an additional guest. They also claim that Jessica’s side has requested that she would be a solo guest on an episode.

SBS explains, “After some internal discussion, we have decided to invite her on her own next time.”

However, Jessica’s side told media outlet OSEN, “When she was first cast in the show, the producers asked if she wanted to appear alone on the program. We told them that it was okay for her to be with another artist. It was then decided that she would appear with Jo Moon Geun Band.”

Jessica’s side has also revealed that Jessica has prepared two songs to perform live on the show before they found out that her appearance had been canceled. Her fans have also made lunch boxes for her, only to receive this news with no clear reason.

SBS then reveals that they have arranged for Jessica to have a solo appearance on “Park So Hyun’s Love Game,” but Jessica’s side explains that her appearance for the said show has already been decided before and is an unrelated arrangement to her scheduled appearance on “Lee Guk Joo’s Youngstreet.”