Home » Jessica Jung talks about her ‘Ice Princess’ nickname and her solo debut

Jessica Jung talks about her ‘Ice Princess’ nickname and her solo debut in a recent interview with media outlet Sports Donga.

With regards to becoming a solo artist after being a part of a 9-member group Girl’s Generation, Jessica reveals, “The hardest part was that I had to do everything. Back then, when doing interviews, we allocate parts. However now, I have to pay attention to everything from one to ten, which I am a bit unfamiliar with. On another note, the good thing about it is that the work goes well. The staff members respect my thoughts and color, so they remain intact in the final results.”

Jessica also goes to talk about her former nickname ‘Ice Princess’ by saying, “I think that it comes from how I look.” She also jokes, “Anyway, even an ‘Ice Princess’ is a princess.”

She also explains, “To be honest, it ended up being a nickname which did not stick easily to other people. Compared to the past, I think people have become open-minded now. After activating SNS accounts, it appears that now is the time to show my natural self.”

The singer also adds, “The first chapter in my life was my school period, the second was my training period. Chapter three was me after a flashy debut and fourth will be my promotions as a solo singer. I would rather hear that this is something expected from Jessica than I did not put in any effort. Even if I get older and look back to the present, I want to remember myself as the cool woman Jessica.”