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Recently, Jessica Jung did a photo shoot and interview with the magazine L’Officiel Singapore.

When she was asked if she had a greater sense of freedom following her leave in Girl’s Generation and SM Entertainment, Jessica reveals, “It depends on how you interpret space and freedom. I’m very busy at the moment from focusing on my brand and my entertainment career, but that’s because I choose and want to be. Like anyone else, when you’re working for an employer, there are good and bad days. Sometimes, you wish you could just take the day off. The difference for me today is that although I have that luxury to take time off whenever I want, there’s more pressure and stress because of my additional responsibilities.”

The interviewer also asks her if she feels strange now that she has taken a break from performing, Jessica then replies, “Taking a break helps you reflect on both your past and your future. It clears the mind and helps you refocus as to what you actually want to achieve in life. Everyone should do it from time to time.”

Jessica was also asked if her solo career is in the works, to which she reveals, “My team and I are working on various different aspects of my career. Announcements are certainly forthcoming. I put a lot of pressure on myself in delivering the best hence I would only want to show my fans the best of my work… when the timing is right.”


You can read the full interview here!

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