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Recently, the Hollywood star Jessica Alba came to Korea and she was interviewed in KBS ‘Entertainment Weekly’ where she talked about her love for Korean culture and her ideal type.

Jessica Alba revealed that she came to Korea for a business trip, she plans to bring her company of health products in a country which she loves to visit.

The show then gave her a set of fruit soju as gifts, to which the star recalled a bad experience in drinking fruit soju which gave her a headache.

When she was asked why she likes Korea so much, she reveals that she had grown up with a Korean family friend and that she grew up eating Kimchi at their friend’s house ever since she was four years old.

Before the interview had ended, she was presented with six photos of Korean male celebrities which includes, 2PM’s Taecyeon, BIGBANG’s Daesung, soloists Roy Kim and Jang Woo Hyuk, ‘Entertainment Weekly’ host Chung Hyeon and the Olympic skater Lee Kyou Hyuk.

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Upon seeing the male celebrities, she laughs and says that she can’t pick on men younger than her and would like to pick on men who are older than her, to which the interviewer responds that age is just a number.

The star first pointed at Taecyeon and asked, “Who is this guy?”, the interviewer then asked her, “Ohh, so you like this guy?”. Jessica then quickly shakes her head and said “No, no”.

Watch the interview of Jessica Alba below starting at the 43:35 mark to find out her ideal type!