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Brown Eyed GirlsJeA talks about her boyfriend Choi Pil Gang and on Miryo’s current relationship status.

When asked about her current relationship with her boyfriend YG Entertainment composer Choi Pil Gang, she reveals, “We are doing well. He told me that he really likes my new song. Since he is a composer, he listened to the melody and composition first. He asked me who wrote the lyrics and I told him that it was Jung Yeop, he comments that it was good and he thinks that women would like it a lot.”

With regards to going public on relationships, JeA comments, “Since I was the first member of Brown Eyed Girls to reveal, the fans’ reactions back then were half congratulatory and half disappointment. However, these days, it is 80% congratulatory. Since we are old as we are now, fans are relieved to hear that we are in good relationships.”

Just recently, Narsha went public with her relationship with a non-celebrity businessman. JeA then reveals that she knew about it before the news came out and comments on Miryo’s current relationship status by saying, “It is the combined desire of all of the members and all of our fans for our Miryo to date. I really wish that she was in a relationship. Guys around me have asked me to introduce them to her so I did once. However, I don’t think that it turned out well. Miryo would really want to get married. Maybe not right away, but when she was still in her 20s, she has been saying that would like to have a son.”