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A K-Pop media outlet had used photos of rappers Jay Park and Dok2 for a post regarding Korean rappers being involved in a drug scandal.

The post wrote that a rapper turned CEO of a label, who has also appeared on the rap battle show “Show Me the Money”, has been involved in a drug scandal.

Jay Park then posts on his Twitter account in response the issue, “Get yo fact’s straights before you indirectly include us in some bullshit we ain’t involved in~ aight now back to being successful #aomgilli.”

Jay Park’s label AOMG also speaks up on the issue through media outlet Newsen, “We learned that this past 22nd, a certain media outlet which is based in North America has written up an article on Jay Park being involved in a drug scandal. The article is not true at all.”

They further reveal, “We express our regret at this groundless report. We attempted to reach to the media outlet to request the correction of the groundless article, however since they are not a Korean media outlet, we did not know their contact information, so we told a representative of the media outlet who is in charge of capturing concert videos that we would take action if they do not take down the article. We must have reached them since the article went down. Jay Park himself is angry since the rumors are not true.”


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