Home » IU responds to accusations and criticisms regarding her new album “CHAT-SHIRE”

On November 6, IU made a statement regarding the plagiarism issue of her bonus track “Twenty Three” as well as the recent accusation of alleged sexualization of the character Zezé from the novel “My Sweet Orange Tree” in her recent song “Zezé.”

IU writes:

I was aware that there is a controversy regarding my lyrics, however it took a long time for me to work up the courage and make my response. I am sorry for being late in this.

First, I would like to apologize with the deepest sincerity to those that I hurt because of my lyrics.

‘My Sweet Orange Tree’ is a very precious novel to me and I swear that I had no intention of portraying a 5 year old child as a symbol of sexuality. The ‘Zezé’ in my lyrics is a totally different character which is only based on the content of the novel. But, I realize from the comments to my music that my lyrics could be offensive to some and I realized that I have hurt many people. This is because I was not adapt as a lyricist.

I realize that what I have said in a recent interview may have shocked many. In the interview, I intended to say that Zezé’s core qualities is sexy, not the young Zezé. I was referring to the quality of his duality, not the 5 year old child himself. But, I understand and admit my fault in using the word ‘sexy’ to a 5 year old child.

As a producer of “Twenty Three,” I am to blame for not carefully checking the sample sources in mixing the song. Currently, we are requesting that Britney Spears’ side confirm the track.

I will reflect on my faults and work harder to show a mature IU. I am sorry.