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IU and Ailee revealed to be having their comebacks this fall!

The two popular female soloists are scheduled to release their upcoming albums this fall and they are expected go head to head on the charts.

Many fans have also expressed their excitement on the upcoming face off of the two female singers. They are anticipating on what concepts the two female soloists would have on their respective comebacks.

Previously, Ailee has been reported to have suffered an ankle injury during her MV shooting after a prop has fallen on her foot, which then caused her comeback to be delayed. Although her doctors have told her that she would have to rest for a few weeks in order to fully recover, it has been reported later that she would continue her schedules despite her ankle injury.

Ailee would be releasing her first full-length album “VIVID” on September 30.

Meanwhile, IU is also set to make her comeback in fall. It would mark her return to her singer-songwriter roots following her successful role as Cindy in the popular KBS drama “The Producer,” and have topped the charts following her collaboration with Park Myung Soo for “Leon” during the 2015 Infinity Challenge Music Festival. No further details have been released yet, but it is said that IU herself would be producing her upcoming album and that it is currently on the final stages of completion.

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