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Rapper Iron speaks up following his marijuana scandal.

Previously, Iron has been reported to be one of the individuals who are under investigation for using marijuana.

Media outlet Ilgan Sports has revealed an interview with Iron with regards to the charges against him. Iron reveals, “I would not make any excuses for what I have done or try to defend myself. I plan to take full responsibility for my actions.”

He also denies the reports saying that he had claimed to smoke marijuana in order to increase his confidence and focus. He reveals, “I did not provide that testimony. I have always been curious about marijuana for a long time. While knowing the consequences that may result from my actions, I went through with the experience. Since it is something which I choose to do of my own will, I would take full responsibility for my actions.”

When asked about his plans from now on, Iron responds, “I know what crime I have committed. I know how I should reflect on my actions and what consequence I must face. I have been slacking recently, however, from now on, I want to show myself through my music.”

Iron also gives a message to his fans by saying, “I apologize for worrying those who have supported me. I am always thankful.”

Meanwhile, Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 5has revealed that they would be editing him out from the show.

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