Home » IOI’s Chaeyeon reveals her decision to re-join DIA

IOI member Chayeon has recently uploaded a letter to her fans after the news of her decision to re-join DIA through her Instagram account.

Chaeyon writes:

“Hello. This is Chayeon.

You are probably surprised to find out that I have joined DIA once again. I was worried about how I should communicate to you all without any misunderstandings. First of all, I wanted to personally tell you about my decision to join DIA again. However, I couldn’t and I just feel regretful and apologetic.

Since I was a part of the show, became a member of IOI, and received so much love from my fans, I wanted to be sure that I would be the first to tell you this – I want to promise you that I will not neglect IOI promotions.

As much as you all love me, I will do my best to be someone who tries even harder as a member of IOI. Every moment which I get to stand in front of you is always precious to me. This is why I will continue to give my all so that I would not hurt or disappoint you. I will always be Chayeon who tries her best.

Thank you.”

Meanwhile, YMC Entertainment has also confirmed Chayeon’s decision of carrying out her promotions under IOI and DIA.

Chayeon along with co-DIA member Cathy have both auditioned and signed contracts with Mnet’s “Produce 101” even before DIA’s official debut. While Cathy was eliminated in the 11th episode, Chayeon has placed 7th in the final lineup of IOI.

Chayeon has been reported to join DIA for their summer comeback and would also be promoting with IOI as well.