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Project group I.O.I discusses working with JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young on their new comeback with “Very Very Very.”

On I.O.I’s recent live “V” app show, the members talk about their new mini-album, “Miss Me?

During the broadcast, a video of Park Jin Young, who was in charge of I.O.I’s choreography, music video and production for “Very Very Very,” was played. He explains, “It is a bright and lively dance song which is reminiscent to Wonder Girls’ ‘Tell Me.’ It captures the image of I.O.I as girls, rather than of singers.”

Jeon Somi then shares, “Our agency’s producer has put in a lot of effort. We are really grateful.”

“We were pressured since he is from another company. However, when he saw us working really hard, he complimented us generously,” Im Na Young shares.

Kim Chungha then reveals her thoughts on “Very Very Very” by saying that it is more addictive than “Pick Me.” She then adds, “You just could not remember it. You could just sing along.”

“It is definitely exciting that we are all together after a long time. It would be great if the song would perform well. However, I just want us to all be happy,” Kim Sejeong reveals.

Meanwhile, Park Jin Young then expresses his pride for the girls by sharing a screenshot of I.O.I’s impressive chart performance with “Very Very Very” and “Hold Up” through his Instagram account.


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