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Members of girl group I.O.I talks about their sexy concept for “Whatta Man” and teases for their October comeback.

On a recent interview with media outlet My Daily, project girl group I.O.I talk about their sexy concept for their recent unit debut with “Whatta Man.”

15-year-old member Somi reveals, “Since I only completed elementary and middle schools, I could not do ‘sexy’ that well.”

Yoojung then explains, “We came back with a girl crush concept. However, we were worried that it might seem sexy. As what we expected, some people thought that ‘Whatta Man’ was a sexy concept, but we did not really try to be sexy. However, when we continued to promote and showcased our performances, the public soon recognized our girl crush concept and got praises from them. It was such a relief.”

With regards to their October comeback as a whole group, Somi then teases, “We are currently preparing diligently for our new album. However, we are still not sure as to what concept we would be having. We might show the fans an adorable side just like ‘Dream Girls.’”

Meanwhile, the group was recently debuted their first unit group with members Nayoung, Chungha, Pinky, Sohye, Yoojung, Doyeon and Somi for the track “Whatta Man.” Following their promotions, their agency, YMC Entertainment, has revealed that the whole group is preparing for a comeback in October.

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