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Former F-ve Dolls member turned actress Hyoyoung talks about her twin sister, former T-ARA member turned actress, Hwayoung and their career path.

On Hyoyoung’s recent interview and photo shoot with bnt magazine, she was asked about her sister Hwayoung, to which she shared, “There are times that we take turns getting sick, probably since we are twins. But these days, since we live separately, it isn’t as bad.”

She added, “We are twins working in the same industry, but we are entirely different. I don’t think that it is a bad thing at all. I feel like it is something even better than having a friend. We have different thoughts which is why our advice to each other is totally different.”

When asked about her ideal type, Hyoyoung then responds, “I like people who have lots of thoughts and people whom I can learn a lot from. I don’t look at visuals. I only look at personality. I do not really care about the physical appearance or age. However, I would like someone who is good at sports. I think that my hobbies are working out and leisure sports so we will have something in common.”

Hyoyoung then gives a message to her fans by saying, “I am a person who works hard each day in order to live well. Please watch me for a long time.”

“What I would like to say to my fans is that I am thankful that they have waited for me for such a long time. I would like to greet them with different projects soon,” shared the actress.


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