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Comedienne Jo Hye Ryun reveals her painful past through “What is Mom.”

On the latest broadcast of TV Chosun’s “What is Mom,” Jo Hye Run’s mother Choi Bok Soon visited her home.

On the episode, Choi Bok Soon revealed a shocking confession regarding Jo Hye Run.

Choi Bok Soon reveals to Jo Hye Run, “I never really loved you.”

She further adds, “I had four daughters already. Then I had you, another daughter. Did you think that I was happy to see you? I hated that I bore another daughter. Which is why I placed you on your stomach and put a heavy blanket over you and another . But you did not die.”

Jo Hye Ryun

Choi Bok Soon also reveals the difficulty of living in an era where giving birth to boys were much more valued rather than having girls. Jo Hye Run further explained that her mother had experienced financial difficulties because of having to support all of her children.

Jo Hye Run then bursts into tears upon hearing the story and confessed to her own children, “I never really heard my own mother telling me that she loved me. She always scolded me by saying that I was wasting her money. That is why I am not good to my own children.”

The comedienne is known for being a former cast member of the reality variety show, “Law of the Jungle W.


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