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Singer Hwang Chi Yeol talks about the success of his Mandarin cover of BIGBANG’s “Bang Bang Bang” on the Chinese version of the music program, “I Am A Singer.”

Because of the singer’s great performance, he has gain popularity in China. He comments, “I am very pleased whenever I see my name come out on top on the live search rankings.”

Hwang Chi Yeol then reveals why he choose BIGBANG’s song by saying, “I thought about what song would best identify in China and Korea. That is when I thought of BIGBANG’s ‘Bang Bang Bang.’ But, I also felt some pressure since BIGBANG is a famous group in China.”

The singer also surprised the viewers with his rendition of T.O.P’s rap on “Bang Bang Bang.” Hwang Chi Yeol then replies to the compliments by saying, “Although it is a little better now, it is not on a level where I could earn money with it.”

He also reveals his glee towards his fans by saying, “These days, whenever I go to the airport, many fans would come to meet me.”

Aside from the Chinese version of “I Am A Singer,” Hwang Chi Yeol is also known for his appearances on music programs such as “I Can See Your Voice” and “Immortal Songs,” as well as on variety shows, “Happy Together,” “Radio Star” and “I Live Alone.”

Watch Hwang Chi Yeol’s performance of “Bang Bang Bang” below!




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