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Former EXO member Tao addresses the issue of his inheritance money from his father and talks about his haters on a recent interview with Chinese media outlet Sina.

With regards to the edited photos of his no makeup face which his haters have uploaded and spread online following his appearance on SBS variety show “Law of the Jungle,” Tao reveals, “I am a public figure. I thought that everything that I say or do could be spread to an infinite degree. I am not the Renminbi, not everybody is bound to like me. As long as everyone is happy then it is all good. All that I can do is to try tirelessly so that many people would be able to acknowledge me.”

Recently, Tao has been reported to be inheriting 3 billion USD (20 trillion CNY) from his father who owns 4-5 mansions in Qingdao and owns a company in Beijing which has capital holdings of over 3 billion USD. His father was also said to have ranked 7th in the 1997 list of the richest man in Qingdao.

Tao then addresses the issue by saying, “When I was young, my father would tell me that the gods would help those who help themselves. I did not know what he meant back then, however, I understand it now that I have grown up. There is no shortcut to success. What matters most is the effort.”

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