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Actor Hong Jong Hyun talks about his close friend, After School member Nana, who was previously linked to him and reveals his impression on his “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” co-stars.

Hong Jong Hyun and Nana were reported to be dating in January of 2015. However, both sides denied the rumor, saying that they were only close friends.

During an interview, Hong Jong Hyun shared, “I contact her every once in a while. She seems to be doing fine.”

With regards to the filming atmosphere in the drama, “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo,” Hong Jong Hyun relayed, “To be honest, there were a lot of times when I had to depend on my younger co-stars. Since there wasn’t a big age gap in the set, it felt like we were all meeting as a group of friends. Unless we were filming intense scenes, there is always a friendly ambiance during the shoot.”

The actor then revealed his impressions on IU and Baekhyun by saying, “As for IU, I had listened to her songs a lot before I met her. I thought that she was a very delicate person. After meeting her, my opinion did not change.”

“However, I was completely surprised with Baekhyun. It was the first time that I have looked at a guy and thought that he was cute. I finally understood why he is popular. Although he was bright and playful on the set, he also has a perfectionist side of him. He practices a lot,” he added.

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