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Rapper Heize talks about her comeback plans and how she maintains her figure.

On her recent photo shoot and interview with International bnt, Heize talks about her close rapper friends by saying, “From ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2,’ I am closest with Casper and Su Ah. I am also very close with Kisum.”

When asked about how she maintains her figure, Heize reveals, “I gain weight as well. I just try not to neglect my body. I also have my binge periods. However, when my body feels too busy, I just go work out like crazy. I work with a personal trainer 3 times a week at a gym and I also work out at home. I always do 3 sets of squats, 20 repetitions each.”

Heize 2

With regards to her upcoming comeback, Heize reveals, “I am currently working on a new song. It is the only thing that I am listening to these days. I could not say when it would be ready yet since I am not satisfied with it right now. However, I hope that it would be ready by the end of April.”

Heize is known for being one of the contestants of the Mnet female rap competition “Unpretty Rapstar 2.” She has made her debut in 2014 with a self-titled EP. She is known for her songs, “I Know,” “My Boyfriend Says Thank You,” “Pume Sweet Pume.”


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