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Female rapper Heize reveals on an interview that she has no interest in dating right now despite her increasing popularity.

On an interview with magazine The Star, following her photo shoot with sporting brand UMBRO, Heize talks about her experience on “Unpretty Rapstar 2” and on dating.

Heize 2

When she was asked if she is aware of her star status, she reveals, “I am not a celebrity. The fact that I am wanted is just like a dream. It all happened in two months. Back then, nobody knew who I was. But now, I am Heize.”

The female rapper also explains that her stage name is from her favorite rapper Angel Haze. She then decided to change the spelling to ‘Heize’ which means ‘to make hot’ in German.

Heize was then asked if guys have been asking her out after her appearance on “Unpretty Rapstar 2” to which she responds, “I am not interested. I don’t think it is time for me to see anyone. So make sure that you send this message: I am not interested in meeting someone new.”

When she was asked if she was lonely, Heize responds, “Nobody on ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2’ had the time to be lonely. The schedule was so hectic that it would have ruined relationships anyways. One time, we were only given six hours to write 16 beats for two different songs. That is why you end up making lyric mistakes. I am upset about that.”

Previously, the female rapper has dated rapper Crucial Star for two years but revealed to have ended their relationship prior to the start of the filming of “Unpretty Rapstar 2.”