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Actress Han Ye Seul reveals the work environment in the set of the drama “Madame Antoine.”

On the March issue of High Cut Magazine, Han Ye Seul had a photo shoot and an interview where she opens up about working with actors Sung Joon and 2AM’s Jinwoon on their current drama “Madame Antoine.”

She reveals, “My satisfaction of my work environment is 200%. The actors that I have worked with are all very fun. It made it easier for us to get closer and I was able to shoot the drama in a comfortable setting.”

Han Ye Seul adds, “Our teamwork was great which made it even more fun. It was always energetic and playful. Everyone is very funny and I laughed every day.”

The actress also talks about her future goals as an actress by revealing, “I want to show different sides of me as actress Han Ye Seul. I will work hard in order to achieve that. I want this year to be a year of growth. I think that would make me happier. I also want 2016 to be a balanced year with work and personal life.”

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Meanwhile, the drama “Madame Antoine” stars Han Ye Seul as fortune teller and café owner who claims that her fortune telling abilities are based on a spiritual connection with the famous French Queen Marie Antoinette.

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