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KARA leader Gyuri reveals that she had suffered terrible side effects due to her extreme dieting habits.

On Mnet’s ‘4 Things Show’, Gyuri appeared as a special guest and have invited her friends to come over the show. She invited her fellow KARA member Seungyeon, comedian Lee Kuk Ju, and her 88-liner friend T-ara member Eunjung.

Gyuri confessed that she had suffered acid reflux due to her excessive dieting just to lose weight.

Gyuri 4 things

On the shows segment, “All eyes on Gyuri”, she reveals her past dieting habits. “Last year, I did not eat at all. I even exercised a lot without getting enough sleep,” Gyuri reveals.

Fellow KARA member Seungyeon has also expressed her concern and said, “Personally, I did not think that Gyuri’s dieting habits are very healthy.”

Gyuri also reveals, “I was only eating imitation crab sticks alone, and although I only get 3-4 hours of sleep, I would still exercise. At one point I became anemic. I even contracted acid reflux and coughed blood.”

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She states that she used to be pressured whenever her weight gain was mentioned by netizens online. She would be stressed regarding her weight and would do lots of dieting styles.

The singer also reveals that she is now relieved as the fans these days do not really care if she gains weight or loses weight. She also says that she is now having a healthier dieting routine.


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