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GOT7 feels grateful to fans for filling leader JB’s spot during their first ever concert series “Fly in Seoul 2016” at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium from April 29-30.

During the press conference before the second day of their concert, the GOT7 members revealed their thoughts about their first concert.

Jr. reveals, “We have prepared a lot since this is our first ever concert in Korea. I am happy that our first concert yesterday ended well. Although it felt a bit empty since our leader JB was not there with us, we still tried our best.”

He also adds, “We sang our songs excluding JB’s parts. However, the fans started to sing with a loud voice and filled his spot.”

Mark also adds, “We are very grateful to the fans that filled JB’s spot. It was very touching for us.”

Previously, GOT7 leader JB had been revealed to have suffered a spinal disc problem after practicing for GOT7’s concert. He was unable to participate in the group’s performance during the recent broadcast of “M! Countdown” and was then confirmed to be unable to attend the group’s first concert series to concentrate on his recovery.

Meanwhile, GOT7 has recently made their comeback with their 5th EP, “Flight Log: Departure” which contained two title tracks, “Fly” and “Home Run.” The group made their debut EP “Got It?” back in 2014.

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