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Actor Go Kyung Pyo reveals his thoughts about his friendship with fellow actor Park Bo Gum.

On the actor’s recent interview, he shared, “I think that there is something between us.”

“When we did the drama, ‘The Admiral: Roaring Currents,’ we had no scenes together, but we always greet each other on set. Then, we kept on meeting through ‘Cantabile Tomorrow,’ ‘Coin Locker Girl’ and ‘Reply 1988.’ We also did the show, ‘Youth Over Flowers’ in Africa. It was not possible not to grow fond of him,” Go Kyung Pyo added.

He also revealed, “Park Bo Gum is like a reliable younger to me. However, there are times when he seems just like a friend as well. He may be young, but his thoughts are deep. He has a tender heart as well. I am glad that I was able to meet a friend and colleague like him.”

When asked if he still keeps in touch with his fellow, “Reply 1988” co-stars, Go Kyung Pyo reveals, “We always say that we should meet up. We joke around a lot, but we are so busy that it is not that easy to meet. I would like for all of us to go on a trip together someday.”

Meanwhile, following the success of ‘Reply 1988,’ Go Kyung Pyo went on to star in the drama, “Don’t Dare to Dream.”

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