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Director Choi Jung Yeol of the film, “Glory Day” reveals why he decided to cast EXO member Suho in the film.

In the recent press conference, the director reveals, “There were actually two reasons as to why I cast Suho. I believed that there was a deep significance in the act of continuously discovering young actors alone. I had a desire of meeting an actor who could bring forth the future of Korean films. Moreover, I were to cast an idol, I had a great desire to shatter the normal image that the idol has.”

He further reveals, “In Suho’s case, both reasons were met. However, I wondered if the viewers would enjoy it if the role of the poor Sang Woo was given to Suho of EXO who is flashy, cool and gives a fantasy for their fans.”


In a separate interview, Suho reveals that it took him four months in auditioning for the role as the director had thought over if he was the right person for the role or not.

Meanwhile, the film “Glory Day” is about a group of friends who suffers from a dramatic incident that changes their lives in one night. Aside from Suho, the film also stars, Ji Soo, Ryu Jun Yeol and Kim Hee Chan.

The film was screened at the 2015 Busan International Fim Festival in October of last year and the tickets were sold out in just 15 minutes after its release.


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