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It’s so sad that GLAM member Dahee was sentenced for blackmailing for a year. Their  supposedly third debut has been disbanded because of such incident.

From a  music insider, it was told to TV Daily, “GLAM’s contract with their agencies Big Hit Entertainment and Source Music expired towards the end of last year… The members decided to go their separate ways.” Still another rep told the media outlet, “It’s likely that Dahee’s incident had something to do with their disbandment… It would’ve made it difficult for the group to continue with their promotions.”

Big Hit Entertainment  responded regarding this issue to the media that the report is absolutely true. “GLAM’s contracts recently expired and the team was disbanded,” the agency revealed on the 15th. There were  few members who had just left  the agency, and asked for the termination of their contracts, which the agency allowed.

GLAM made a noise with their debut last 2012 with “Party (XXO)“, but its so saddened that it seems their career as a group  has now got to an end. We are hoping that the best is yet to come  for every member .

Good luck and God bless.