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Girl’s Generation has revealed their thoughts in promoting with eight members in recent comeback showcase for “Party”.

In the press conference during the group’s comeback showcase, the members talk about releasing a new Korean album following Jessica’s departure.

Leader Taeyeon reveals, “We do not want to disappoint our fans, that is why we rolled up and stuck together more as we prepared for the comeback, this also became a chance for us to become stronger. Since we have prepared diligently, it would be a shame to show only one song, so we ended up having three songs as our title tracks.”

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Yuri then reveals, “Knowing that each member had a long training period, we are fairly good at both singing as well as dancing. When we were able to separate the members into three, we had no time to stand out, which had been a shame. However, I think we have now gotten the time to show each of the member’s charm.”

Gir's Generation party showcase

When asked regarding the changes in the choreography and singing parts, the group reveals, “It is a secret in the business world, which is why we can’t really say in detail, but it is actually a lot easier to dance with an odd number of members. Eight is an even number, so making the dance choreography was not easy, but we would work hard.”

Meanwhile, Girl’s Generation has released their anticipated summer comeback MV for “Party” and has instantly achieves 1 million views and have achieved an all-kill on real time music charts.

Gir's Generation party

Watch Girl’s Generation’s “Party” MV below!