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Girl’s Day member Yura was criticized by netizens for alleged bad attitude on the recent live broadcast of “My Little Television.”

In the live broadcast, some netizens have left comments towards the idol saying that her critique and attitude towards cartoonist Lee Mal Nyeon went over the line.

In light of the criticisms, Lee Mal Nyeon then uploaded an explanation in defense of Yura as well as the production crew of the show.

He explains, “I am a bit disconcerted that the gallery became chaotic due to the broadcast. I am usually not the type to explain myself in situations like these and would tend to sit back. However, I am uploading this since the objection towards the production crew and Yura seem to be greater than the objection towards me.”

He adds, “I had a fun time filming so I felt satisfied, however, I don’t think that was the case for the viewers.”

Lee Mal Nyeon also denies being angry over Yura’s supposed behavior on the broadcast, saying, “I am usually expressionless when I am listening to someone or thinking.”

He also explains, “I was so engaged on the broadcast that I wonder if I have messed up the chemistry between us through using vocabulary which Yura did not understand. I know that you are trying to support me, however, I would be grateful if you would refrain from being too critical towards Yura and the production crew.”

“Everyone in production, you have all worked hard yesterday. I was so happy that Yura was also part of the broadcast,” Lee Mal Nyeon also adds.