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Members of girl group Girl’s Day receives criticisms following for their behavior on “KoonTV” of AfreecaTV, host Choi Kun responds to criticisms.

The show’s host Choi Kun interviews the Girl’s Day members on the recent broadcast of “AfreecaTV” and facilitates the communication with the girl group and the viewer’s comments. However, the viewers pointed out that the members often ignore the host Choi Kun and have been speaking amongst themselves.

Girl's Day AfreecaTV 1

They were also seen by the viewers to be focusing more on the food which Choi Kun had brought for them. The viewers have also criticized Hyeri for responding informally to the viewer’s comments.

Girl’s Day’s “KoonTV” episode has now been deleted and is not available to view on the site.

Girl's Day AfreecaTV 2

In response to the criticisms that the members have received, Choi Kun speaks up to clear any misunderstanding.

“The shooting yesterday was really fun and we did not have any problems. I heard a lot of following the broadcast, when I looked again, I realize that were lots of things which could be misunderstood. This is why I want everyone to know. I wanted a little more personal and internet-broadcast-like episode yesterday. Whenever girl groups come on a show, it becomes very standard which is why I wanted to apply realism on the show and created situations which could increase the interest on the show,” Choi Kun reveals.

“The members were not rude to me, they were really fun and open compared to most celebrities. I hope that there would be no misunderstandings anymore and hope that people would see the truth,” Choi Kun adds.

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