Home » Girl’s Day appears again on AfreecaTV’s “KoonTV” in order to officially apologize on their recent controversy

Girl’s Day appears again on AfreecaTV’s “KoonTV” in order to officially apologize for the member’s behavior on the July 7 broadcast of the show.

Recently, the members of the girl group have received criticisms from the viewers of the show for their behavior. The viewers pointed out that the Girl’s Day members seemed to have treated the host Choi Kun rudely for not paying attention to him, only talking among themselves and focusing instead on eating the food which he has prepared to the members.

Although Choi Kun has released a statement saying that the filming of the said controversial episode had been fun and made it clear that the girls were not rude to him. Some viewers still did not believe his explanation, this lead Girl’s Day to personally appear on the show to apologize to the viewers.

The members of the girl group appeared on “KoonTV” once again after filming their performance on “Music Bank”.

During the broadcast, Choi Kun explains, “Though I was the MC, I was still too inexperienced at hosting. At the live broadcast, it was supposed to be my job to see the online comments which need to be addressed and be able to catch any discomfort, however I fell short at that.”


Girl’s Day then arrives and Sojin speaks on behalf of the girl group, “We would like to express our apologies. We apologize for making the viewers uncomfortable when they have wanted to watch an enjoyable show.”

“From now on, we will always be bright and energetic and work hard. We would be careful and cautious on everything. Once again we apologize,” Sojin adds.

The members then stood up and bowed to the viewers. The other members also apologized and shared the same sentiments.