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GFriend talks about their rising success and fans’ support.

On the recent interview and photo shoot for the April issue of fashion magazine Dazed, the members of GFriend talks about their fans and their rising success.

When asked as to their secret to their rising success in a year after their debut, GFriend reveals, “It is probably because our music is good. Also, people like that we put a lot of effort into doing our best.”

With regards to the viral fancam of GFriend members continuously falling during their performance of “Me Gustas Tu” due to a slippery stage, the members reveal their thoughts by saying, “We were very embarrassed and apologetic to the fans during that day. However, we were also very thankful to see that people are loving us for that. It made us go back to our roots and made up our minds to try harder.”

On their lyrics for their recent track “Rough,” the members of GFriend reveals what they would like to do if they could fast forward the time. They reveal, “If we had that kind of ability, we would not go the future. Rather, we would like to go back to the past. We want to live being excited about what the future would bring.”

GFriend debuted in January 2015 with the track, “Glass Bead.” They also released their follow up song “Me Gustas Tu” in the same year. In 2016, they made their comeback with the song “Rough” to which they received their first ever music show win.