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Gavy NJ members reveal which variety shows they want to appear in, and their ideal types during their interview and photo shoot with International bnt.

When asked about the variety shows which they would like to appear on, the members reveal, “We would do anything as long as you call us.”

Gunji reveals, “Whether it is doing variety or physical rumor, I am confident for the shows ‘Immortal Song,’ ‘A Hyung I Know,’ ‘Weekly Idol’ or any other programs.”

When asked about their relationships, Gunji responds, “I would really like to date. I am so lonely that every Friday, I would just go to different places.”

With regards to their ideal types, Seorin shares, “A guy like Song Seung Heon or Joo Sang Wook.”

Jenny then answers, “My ideal type is someone tall and has an angelic smile, just like Sung Si Kyung.”

Gunji then responds, “Someone who is warm and affectionate like a friend.”

When asked if they have experienced dating in secret, Seorin says, “I am good at keeping secrets. So, contact me.”

Jenny then reveals, “I have been asked out by an idol back then. I dated him, and he turned out to be a bad boy. After our breakup, he became so successful.”

Gunji then shares, “I had a ‘some’ relationship. However, it did not move on from there.”

With regards to what they do during their break, Jenny answers, “Any day when there is no broadcast is a day off for us. We would tend to practice or do ‘V’ app during those days. However, these days, we have no day to rest, so we are very happy.”

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