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Leesang’s Gary reveals his frustrations regarding the music industry and the copyright system.

On July 21, Gary posts on his Facebook account, “I want to leave this industry… I think my life is cut shorter due to stress.” Along with Gary’s post, he also included a link of an article which is about copyrights.

“Since last year, copyrights earnings are coming at the same amount. I hope the musicians get the strength,” Gary adds.

Gary’s concern has become a hot topic among netizens and has led his agency to further explain, “The copyrights earnings have not been coming in correctly. We could not understand how each month’s earnings were the same despite months that Gary is working or not. We also have not heard any explanation.”

Korea Music Copyright Association has also responded that they had split the total profit of $3 million in three months.

The association also reveals that they are trying to reach Gary himself but have no luck.

“What we could say is that we can adjust and react to our member’s complaints. I think we have to clear misunderstanding with our member. We will do our best to protect his earnings. Our job is to get the exact amount of earnings to members. If he was not happy about something, we would be sending him a direct apology. We are doing our best, but if he complains that we were too slow, we would try our best to work harder,” the association further explains.


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