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Sidus HQ revealed that the 15 year kpop 1st generation idol will be having their first ever US Solo Concert on November. It’s been said that it will be held on Staples Center in Los Angeles and Prudential Center in New Jersey on November 7 and 9. For this US Concert, g.o.d also said that they will showcase performances that has not been seen before from them since it’s their very first time after debut to have a solo concert in the US. Which means more effort and anticipating performances awaits US g.o.d fans!

g.o.d wrapped up their 15th Anniversary Reunion Concert in Seoul and other cities in South Korea: Busan, Gwangju, Daegu and Daejeon. The concert tour will end and be held at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium at Sports Complex.

g.o.d is said to have gathered 70,000 fans at the end of the domestic tour. Their popularity and fame is still there though it’s been 15 years already isn’t it? And even this generation idols was seen watching their concert as a sign of being a fan!


And also, one of their members are active now in the reality show : Roommate Season 2 so don’t forget to support him and the rest for their activities!