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BIGBANG leader G-Dragon has been revealed to have partially opened his new café in Jeju Island.

The island has always been one of the famous locations in South Korea due to its beautiful scenery.

The new café, called The Monsant, is G-Dragon’s second business venture after his parents’ boutique hotel Dolce Vita in Gyeonggi Province.

The café is on its soft opening with the second-floor terrace not yet open to the customers. It has been said that the full operations are set to begin on October of this year.

G-Dragon’s purchase of the café has previously gained attention as the purchase price is reported to be up to 20 billion won and its antique interior design and scenic surroundings further receiving interest.

In celebration for the soft launch of G-Dragon’s new café, the rising band Hyukoh under Epik High Tablo’s HIGHGRND, has performed for their guerilla concert in the café. To which the band’s front man Oh Hyuk wrote on his Instagram account prior to their performance, “Hello everyone in Jeju Island. I am going to be having a concert at 6PM at Monsant. See you in a bit.”

G-Dragon then replies to the post by saying, “I want to go, too.”

Check out some of the photos of G-Dragon’s café below!

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Meanwhile, G-Dragon and the rest of BIGBANG members are currently on a break following their “MADE” concert tours around the world and their album promotions on music shows.


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