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For fourteen years of friendship G Dragon and Taeyang had fight only once.

In an interview they stated that ““Have you ever had a disagreement while working on your unit album?”, they shared, “Strangely enough, we only fought once during the 14 years that we’ve known each other.” 

Most people were thinking of what could have caused their fight, maybe their styles and opinion particularly with regards to music , or maybe over a girl. It was revealed by G Dragon that it was a basketball fight . He even remembered that fight saying “As we were playing basketball, we had reached a point where we were ready to throw fists at each other. But due to those next to us pulling us apart, a physical fight didn’t end up happening.” 

Taeyang shared, “We didn’t drag it out into a big fight because we would have to see each other for the rest of our lives as Big Bang members.” He then brought chuckles as he added,“And if we do fight, I’d lose.”